Finally, the Better Gopher Trap

Lee's Trap Works!      
Lee's Trap

There have been dozens of gopher solutions invented over the years...always with mixed results. Lee's gopher trap (GT2006) is the humane and efficient way to deal with your gopher problem. Designed in the heart of gopher country (Saskatchewan) Lee's trap has proven effective in dealing with your varmints for a fraction of the cost of other methods. The GT2006 can be checked, emptied, and reset in seconds.

The GT2006 comes unpainted. Buyers may want to paint for increased visibility and reduce corrosion.

  • High Visibility: The trap (GT2006) stands tall and can be seen well into the growing season even on tame hay land.
  • Self-Staking: The bottom of the trap (GT2006) is formed in the shape of a stake and is simply pushed into the ground to secure.
  • Easy to Set: Push into the ground blocking the burrow entrance, pull back on the slide tab until trigger falls behind tab, with other hand push trigger against tab to assure proper latching and then release slide.
  • Easy to Empty: Simply pull back slide and remove trap from burrow entrance leaving rodent in the burrow. If you want to leave rodent as food for other wildlife, remove trap with rodent from burrow, then pull back on slide and shake out.
  • Humane: The GT2006 will render the rodent unconscious in seconds and dead in a couple of minutes.
  • Safe for your pets: Because the trigger covers most of the trap entrance only small rodents may be able to enter the burrow through the trap.


This trap was designed for the "Richardson ground squirrel" but works great for any ground squirrel that feeds above ground with an open entrance to the burrow, and is similar in size: Belding, Columbian, North American Brown, and Thirteen Stripe.